Corporate Innovation

UTokyo IPC supports your
corporate innovation activities.
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Startups -
driven open innovation

Open Innovation
led by the startups

It is essential for a startup for success is connecting
with well-experienced company that has existed assets and sales channels.
UTokyo IPC has been working on having a good partnership with the companies from wide range of industry

in order to accelerate collaborations
between the startup companies and existed leading companies.

In addition, we are making an effort
in establishing carve-out ventures to unveil potential seeds
of innovation not yet appeared.
After establishment of a carve-out company,
we will actively utilize our own resources and will support the growth of the startups.

Carve-out support

For the companies considering carve out project,
we can introduce successful cases and provide practical advices
on business planning.
Even in the investment consideration processes at UTokyo IPC, we will provide appropriate advises
for our startup candidates including introducing other investors as needed.


For the companies that wish to collaborate with us or to make an investment
in any startups related to the ecosystem around the University of Tokyo,

we wish you to consider the UTokyo IPC's partner program.

Partners can join incubation support program “1stRound” and other programs
to have connection with the UTokyo startups and UTokyo seeds.

Through our activities in introducing promising startups at UTokyo IPC and their technologies,
we will contribute to support our partner companies in order
that they can accelerate their own open innovation activities.

Our Partners
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