UTokyo IPC places great importance on relationships with leading companies
from various industries in order to facilitate creating innovation.
If interested in becoming our partner,
please feel free to contact us.

LP investors

  • MUFG Bank, Ltd.

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

  • SBI Holdings, Inc.

  • Development Bank of Japan Inc.

  • Fuyo General Lease Co.,Ltd.




Corporate Partners

Investment Partners

Public-private investment fund

In case that multiple types of public-private funds are expected as the targeting
businesses and/or the candidate projects are
classified as a seeds venture
a company with initiatives of community revitalization,
these public-private funds will align with each other for supporting and
we also search the best public-private fund in the course of consultation of investment.

Contact of the public-private fund for consultation(For seeds ventures)

  • Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), Ltd.

    Corporate Planning Office
    Phone: +81 3 5218 7200

    Contact Us

  • Tohoku University Venture Partners Co., Ltd.

    Management Department
    Phone: +81 22 224 5861 E-mail: info@thvp.co.jp

    Website: http://www.thvp.co.jp/

  • Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.

    Phone: +81 75 753 5303 E-mail: info@kyoto-unicap.co.jp

    Website: http://www.kyoto-unicap.co.jp/

  • Osaka University Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

    Management Department
    Phone: +81 6 6879 4982 E-mail: info@ouvc.co.jp

    Website: http://www.ouvc.co.jp/

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

    Support for Entrepreneurship Office, Department of Industry-Academic Collaboration
    Phone: +81 3 6380 9014 E-mail: entre@jst.go.jp

    Website: http://www.jst.go.jp/entre/

Contact of the public-private fund for consultation (For community revitalization)

  • Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC)

    Regional Revitalization Support Department
    Phone: +81 3 6266 0590

    Website: http://www.revic.co.jp/

  • Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN

    Fund Planning Division, Funding Department
    Phone: +81 3 5470 1672

    Website: http://www.smrj.go.jp/sme/funding/fund/index.html

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Fund Corporation for Innovation, Value-chain and Expansion Japan

    Corporate Planning Office, General Affairs Department
    Phone: +81 3 5220 5885 E-mail: info@a-five-j.co.jp

    Website: http://www.a-five-j.co.jp/

  • Private Finance Initiative Promotion Corporation of Japan (PFIPCJ)

    Investment and Lending First Division, Investment and Lending Second Division, Project Support Division
    Phone: +81 3 6256 0071 E-mail: info@pfipcj.co.jp

    Website: http://www.pfipcj.co.jp/

  • Cool Japan Fund Inc.

    Business Development Group
    Phone: +81 3 6406 7675

    Website: http://www.cj-fund.co.jp/

  • Development Bank of Japan Inc. (Specific Investment Business)

    Corporate Planning & Coordination Department
    Phone: +81 3 3270 3211

    Website: http://www.dbj.jp/

  • Green Finance Organization (Japan)

    Operations Department
    Phone: +81 3 6257 3863 Email: contact@greenfinance.jp

    Website: http://greenfinance.jp/