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Takashi Chris Furukawa
Managing Partner

Takashi Chris Furukawa


・Takashi Furukawa joined UTokyo IPC in 2021. He has involved in corporate strategy planning, investment in robotics/hardware/medical device, and hands-on management support to investees.
・Takashi joined the Bank of Japan in 1995. From July 2000, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group for about two years before starting his own business. He has been involved in the management of venture companies. From 2007 to 2015, he served as a director at Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., where he was involved in hands-on management reform.
・Since 2015, Takashi has served as Member of the Board of NEC Lighting Ltd., Corporate Officer of SanBio Co., Ltd., and President and Chairman of Innophys Co., Ltd.
・Currently, Takashi is the Cabinet Office’s SBIR Program Manager, and the Cabinet Office’s Chairperson of the PM Liaison Committee, he is also a member of the Expert Committee of the Program for Creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology (START) at Japan Science and Technology Agency.
・Takashi graduated from the Department of Chemical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and received a Master's degree from the Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo.
・His interests include sailing, fishing from a yacht, and camping.


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