Kosuke Ueda
President and CEO

Kosuke Ueda


"Joined Tokyo University's IPC in 2017. Served as CFO and Partner in charge of corporate planning, and appointed as President and CEO in December 2022.
After roles at Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), served as the head of the corporate planning division and CFO, also an executive officer at DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd. (a strategic subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings). Oversaw the administrative division and also served as an officer of overseas subsidiaries. Worked as an assistant division manager in the global business division of MISUMI Group Inc. before assuming the current position.
After completing graduate school, he launched a career as a leading actor and production producer in an entertainment troupe until the age of 29, growing it into a troupe that attracted thousands of people and dominated the small theater scene in Kansai, boasting an unusual career. With a wide range of experience from public and private organizations, in both business and administration, he is a self-proclaimed multi-talented individual who can sing and dance.

· Completed Master's program in Law at Kansai University Graduate School (Master of Laws). Completed the Law School at Seikei University (Doctor of Jurisprudence).
· Director of HONGO AI, a general incorporated association.
· Director of VC Startup Occupational Health Promotion Association, a general incorporated association.
· Member of the "J-Startup" recommendation committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry."


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