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Yayoi Takeuchi
Manager (General Affairs)

Yayoi Takeuchi


Yayoi Takeuchi joined UTokyo IPC in 2019 as a secretary to CEO. She has involved in corporate operations. She worked for the National Research and Development Agency as a secretary and supported facilitation of research. She worked as an assistant to the executive member at the foreign affiliated beverage manufacturer. Yayoi launched her own business in 2016 however the status is open but not doing business. She is now placing her hope for her unfulfilled dream as a business owner in potential global ventures which will be generated from around UTokyo and from Japan. She has kept this fact as secrecy but she is like an athletic type of person and she has been working on muscle training and enjoying sports activities with the belief that “Under any circumstances with full of stress, you must always perform your best both at your business and at sport world. She strongly believes it is the common way of thinking in business and also in sports”.


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