TOP General Information Team Takahiro Mizumoto
Takahiro Mizumoto
Partner (Chief Investment Officer, AOI Fund 1)

Takahiro Mizumoto


· Master of Technical Management at Kyoto University
· Passed the patent attorney final examination in 2004

Takahiro Mizumoto has joined UTokyo IPC since 2017 and has involved in investment in IT / service ventures and support programs for entrepreneurs. He experienced venture investment in high-tech fields including IT and medical care at Daiwa SMBC Capital Co. Ltd. (currently, Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.) After moving to Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., as a task force leader, he led all processes from a new business planning to launching to markets in the various types of projects related to payment system, new electric power project, digital transformation for stores. He started investment activities again from January 2017 at UTokyo IPC. He launched the support program for entrepreneurs.

Takahiro studied so hard to become patent attorney just because he wanted to work at his own pace. He successfully passed the examination for patent attorney but he changed his mind. Educations for entrepreneurship at Graduate School of Kyoto University made him to decide to enter into venture capital industry instead of working as a patent attorney. Takahiro selected his specialized area as a state-of-the-art technology field as he believes “I finally became a patent attorney and I should utilize my knowledge as much as possible…”. Due to the fact he is out of the direction and his first investment target was the startups whose service was related to GPS. After the Lehman Brother shock, he moved to the business company. He enjoyed a lot playing as planning staff for a while. Now he has just came back to investment world while keeping having his solid original objectives.


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