TOP General Information Team Kazuhiko Kakehi
Kazuhiko Kakehi

Kazuhiko Kakehi


·Ph.D. in Computer Science, Waseda University

Kazuhiko Kakehi joined UTokyo IPC in 2016 as a founding member. He serves governmental and academic relations under the governmental initiative to promote venture investment of national universities. He is also responsible for the LP and public affairs.
Starting his career as assistant professor of UTokyo in 2002, he served the same university as industry liaison from 2006. His primary role was international development, which gave him enlightenment how universities worldwide have been changing and evolving themselves.
His passion is to vitalize UTokyo now that the startup is the key to make impact from academia into the society.
He now lives in northern Kanto and is enjoying commuting using the “Shinkansen” bullet train. He also enjoys driving his AWD car; he belonged to an English debating team and a cricket team in his university days.


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