UTokyo IPC invests in startups that strive to implement academia-linked deep tech in society,
with the goal of expanding the University of Tokyo’s innovation ecosystem.

UTokyo IPC gives back to society through the successes born from the University of Tokyo’s academic, educational and research endeavors.
Furthermore, we aim to achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our investment activities. We do so out of a commitment to serve the global public, as stated in the University of Tokyo Charter, and to be a responsible member of society.

Fund Overview

  • IPC Fund 1

    IPC Fund 1
    Established: December 2016
    Period: 15 years
    Size: USD 192 million
    Direct investment in startups connected to the University of Tokyo
    Investment in private sector venture capital funds
  • AOI Fund 1

    AOI Fund 1
    Established: 2020
    Period: 15 years
    Size: USD 197 million
    Investment to establish joint ventures and execute carve outs
    Investment in pre-seed startups partnered with business companies


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