UTokyo IPC is actively investing the startups
who wish to connect to the University of Tokyo.
If you are seeking an investment support from UTokyo IPC, please contact us.

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Investment strategy

UTokyo IPC is responsible of both pursuing returns to
its investments as a funding company and also
giving the academic and educational research results
from the University of Tokyo back to society.

Through the investment activities,
the University of Tokyo aims to contribute
to achieve ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
as one of the pioneers in academic industry with keeping
its hope of achieving fairness of the world.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our funds

IPC Fund 1

Establishment: December 2016
Period: 15 years
Size: 25 billion yen

Purpose: Direct investment in UTokyo-related startups
Investment in funds of venture capitals

AOI Fund 1

Establishment: 2020
Period: 15 years
Size:Approximately 28M USD
(Increase of the size is planned)

Purpose:Investment for JV formation and curve out execution.
Investment for unmatured seeds that already has particular alliance with business company.

LP investors
(Limited Partners)

Portfolio startups

Life Sciences



IT & Software


Portfolio venture capital funds

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