UTokyo IPC is actively investing in
University of Tokyo-related startups.
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Investment strategy

UTokyo IPC is taking on the role of passing on
the academic, educational and research results
produced by The University of Tokyo to society,
while pursuing returns.

Through our investment activities,
The University of Tokyo aims toward contributing to the achievement of
ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)
and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
as an existing body with social responsibility, and to serve for the good of the community of the world at large.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our funds

IPC Fund 1

Establishment: December 2016
Period: 15 years
Size: 25 billion yen

Purpose: Direct investment in UTokyo-related startups
Investment in funds of venture capitals


設立: 2020年
Period: 15 years
サイズ: 28億円(増額予定)


LP investors
(Limited Partners)

Portfolio startups

Portfolio venture capital funds

  Joint our team(interns and advisors)