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CEO Yuki Ichikawa
HarvestX Inc.
Prosperous Diet to the Next Generation

There are many rich food cultures in the world. Could we inherit this richness of human culture for future generations? Existing food production systems are threatened by problems such as climate change. We are researching and developing sustainable agriculture through computational science and robot technology to pass on our rich food culture to the next generation.


At present, many fruit and vegetable plant factories keep bees in the factory to pollinate flowers, just as in a typical farm. However, in a closed space such as a plant factory, bees often fail to fly well due to stress and die quickly. These problems cause low pollination rates and poor sanitation due to decomposition of carcasses.
HarvestX has developed a solution to such problems that accelerates the automation of fruit and vegetable plant factories through its unique detection algorithms and advanced robot-controlled pollination technology.
We also aim to achieve fully automated cultivation of fruits and vegetables through engineering x agriculture.


The HarvestX project started at the Hongo Tech Garage, a project space for students at the University of Tokyo, with a simple idea to apply robot technology to agriculture. Through numerous interviews with plant factories and food manufacturers and many experiments, we recognised the potential of plant factories for growing fruits. We focused on developing an automated pollination robot, a significant challenge in fruit growing. In the process, we succeeded in pollinating strawberries with a robot for the first time in the world.
Afterwards, we founded HarvestX Inc. to implement the technology in society, not just university research.


Automated Pollination, Algorithm, Robot Control

7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo


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