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Co-founder, CEO, Yusuke Tominari
Drugging Undruggable Targets


FIMECS is a protein degradation technology-based drug discovery biotech focused on developing first-in-class protein degradation therapeutics for cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases.
The human body is comprised of at least 18,097 proteins. It has been revealed that 1,500 of them are related to certain diseases, nevertheless only about 300 proteins have been regarded as druggable targets by small molecule drug discovery and all the rest have been undruggable. The emerging technology will be created based on transferred assets from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and lead to access to expanded targets including “Undruggable”. Our platform will enable the project portfolio and this synergy between pipeline and platform will help us deliver life saving medicines to patients around the world.


FIMECS is a spin-off company from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. based on research seeds incubated at Takeda as working group activities.


RaPPIDS is a proprietary platform to be rapidly prepared divergent degrader molecules and evaluated many degraders to be synthesized. Moreover, RaPPIDS can identify new E3 ligase binders by applying the high productive synthesis and evaluation system.

The world trend is to be predict ternary complex of target protein, E3 ligase and degrader molecule by computational chemistry. However, it is extremely difficult as opposed to traditional small molecule predicting binary binding affinity. Therefore, RaPPIDS which enables a numerous number of divergent synthesis and evaluation will be a powerful tool for targeted protein degradation drug discovery.

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