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Axelspace Corporation

President and CEO, Yuya Nakamura
Axelspace Corporation環境・防災・農業・報道など、あらゆる産業で利用される小型衛星群による地球観測インフラ「AxelGlobe」
"With the mission of ""SPACE WITHIN YOUR REACH"", AxelSpace provides total solutions utilizing microsatellites.
Earth Observation Platform ""AxelGlobe"" and one-stop service of your own micro-satellites ""AxelLiner""."


As a pioneer in the micro-satellite business, AXELSPACE provide services that utilize the unique functions and data of satellites to customers in various industries in the world

 "AxelGlobe" provides images captured by optical micro-satellites with a ground resolution of 2.5m and a capture swath of 57 km. Currently AxelGlobe consists of 5 satellites and observes anywhere in the world every 1~3 days, covering 1,500,000 ㎢ a day.

In 2021, AxelGlobe won the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at the Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award and the 10th Technology Management and Innovation Award.

 "AxelLiner" is the one-stop service for your own micro-satellites, and it supports you to have and operate your satellites, providing a complete suite of tools for navigating and managing a long and complicated processes, and to perform various tasks such as business studies, cost estimation, mission instrument development and operation data acquisition.


The founder and representative, Yuya Nakamura participated in the world’s first palm-sized satellite “CubeSat” project and it was launched in 2003. This success triggered a boom of the microsatellites. After that, he was involved in three microsatellite projects as a student, and he believed the future potential of microsatellites and he founded AXELSPACE in 2008 to achieve the goal of “spreading microsatellites in society”.


All founders, 40% of the current management team, and 70% of the employees are engineers. AXELSPACE can complete everything related satellites from development, manufacturing and operation after launch. AXELSPACE can provide satellites itself and satellite data that are easier to use because of manufacturing satellites using non-space parts and speedily manufacturing, in addition above.

Clip Nihonbashi Building, 3-3-3 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
5機体制で同一地点を2〜3日に一度観測 AxelGlobe(GRUS)で撮影した東京の画像


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