UTokyo IPC decided to invest USD 2M in BionicM Inc.



Tokyo, Japan – UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. (“UTokyo IPC”), the investment arm for the University of Tokyo, decided to make USD 2M worth of investment to BionicM Inc., the manufacturer of the mobility device which combines robotic technology and movement of human body to fulfill unmet needs among users of prosthetic legs, together with the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd., the existed leading investor for this project.


99% of the prosthetic legs already available across the markets have limited mobility functions. People who need prosthetic legs have a lot of challenging limitations in their daily life including physical burden to their legs due to immobility of the existed prosthetic legs. Recently the number of patients with diabetes is increasing rapidly across the world. Diabetic foot ulcer is one of the complications caused by contracting diabetes and lower limb amputation is likely to be taken. BionicM’s prosthetic legs has the ability of keeping smooth mobility for those who may need prosthetic legs including the diabetic patients who lost their legs. BionicM believes and its product can improve approximately 10 million of potential users’ quality of life.


BionicM utilizes humanoid robotics technology pioneered by the University of Tokyo and realizes to develop robot-assisted prosthetic legs with active mobility supports such as doing knee bends and moving ankles. These characteristics help to reduce physical burdens and risks of falling. This product is also contributing to improvement of mobility of those who were taken lower limb amputation procedure. BionicM’s product has been paid much attentions since its feasibility stage and received the various awards and media interviews focusing on the product innovativeness as a solution for the challenging issues on the conventional prosthetic legs products.


UTokyo IPC believes BionicM has the sophisticated team members assigned for the business development and has enough power to bring its product to the worldwide markets from here in Tokyo, Japan.



About UTokyo IPC

UTokyo IPC is the venture investment arm established in 2016 for the University of Tokyo, the world-leading research university having its main campus in Tokyo, Japan. UTokyo IPC invested in more than 20 university-driven tech startups across all stages, via mutually complementing IPC 1 Fund and AOI 1 Fund. The team members passionately support all processes for promising entrepreneurs from scratching of their businesses. The incubation program “1stRound” pours intensive hands-on assistance and financial supports to entrepreneurs.


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