Joint Statement on Inter-Organizational Cooperation


On June 6, 2024, during the Japan Singapore Co-Creation Platform Kick-off seminar held in Singapre, the University of Tokyo, Vertex, the University of Tokyo and UTokyo IPC made the following joint statement on inter-organizational cooperation.  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry posted a news release “Minister Saito Visits Singapore” regarding this seminar.

The statement is as follows.


June 6, 2024
Joint Statement on Inter-Organizational Cooperation 
Vertex Holdings
The University of Tokyo
UTokyo IPC


Here’s the Joint Statement made during the Japan Singapore Co Creation Platform Kick-off seminar on June 6, 2024 between Vertex Holdings, The University of Tokyo and UTokyo IPC.


1. Vertex Holdings and UTokyo IPC will work together in the field of startup investment with the University of Tokyo’s cooperation,on the premise that UTokyo IPC will invest LP in the Vertex Fund. As part of this collaboration, UTokyo IPC is already in discussions with the UTokyo IPC’s ASA (Academic Startup Acceleration) fund to make an LP investment as a major investor in the Vertex Ventures Japan No.1 Fund, which is scheduled to be established in June 2024.
Additionally, they are exploring cooperation and discussions related to supporting the growth of global Startups, particularly fostering UNICORN Startups.


2. They will promote human resource development and research cooperation to cooperate and develop the startup ecosystems of both countries.


We anticipate the participation of companies that align with the collaborative efforts of these three entities.
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