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Citadel AI Inc.

CEO, Hironori Kobayashi
Citadel AI Inc.
Trust your AI Systems
Japan's First Automated AI Quality Management System


[Overview] Citadel AI provides automated testing and monitoring products for AI applications, to help organizations prevent technical and business risks from AI bias. It significantly reduces the lengthy time and expensive cost of identifying issues and enables the acceleration of PoC and quality improvement.
[Background] Concerns about the reliability of AI are growing in Europe and the US, with the announcement of an EU proposal for comprehensive regulation of AI in April 2021. Citadel AI was founded to solve these issues, aiming to become a global start-up originating from Japan.
[Achievements] Adopted by Suntory as its AI quality management platform, and others.

[Solution] Citadel AI products are filled with the essence of technical knowledge and practical experience that the company’s CTO cultivated at Google.

Comprehensive testing, including explainability, model bias, and backward compatibility, is performed simultaneously and automatically during the AI’s training stage. Weaknesses in the AI that are difficult to detect manually are instantly uncovered, and a comprehensive model report is automatically generated. Citadel Lens provides an environment that allows customers to move to the operational stage with confidence.

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The conventional method for operational accuracy testing requires labeling, and even if a problem is detected, it is too late to cope with. Citadel AI’s system enables automatic real-time error detection and protection without manual intervention, allowing clients the agility to rebuild their strategies.


Kobayashi, CEO, has worked for Mitsubishi Corporation as the president of Ponta, a common point company, and as the CEO of IPC in the U.S. Kenny, CTO, is an engineer who led the TensorFlow development team at Google in the U.S.
Citadel AI combines international business management experience with world-class technological expertise in AI quality and security issues.


★Instant exhaustive tests and automatic generation of comprehensive model reports on AI to significantly reduce lengthy times and expensive costs
★First in Japan to automatically detect and block AI problems in the operational stage
★No need for modification of AI on the customer side (unique characteristic of our black box approach)
★Generally applicable to various AI models, libraries, and applications
★Allows valuable AI engineering resources to focus on accelerating quality improvement
★Contributes to maximizing business growth and profitability by unlocking AI's potential capabilities

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