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DataLabs Inc.

CEO, Daisuke Tajiri
DataLabs Inc.
Create an optimized future by contributing to the social implementation of digital twins


In addition to providing 3D survey services using SLAM, etc., we also provide SaaS software that can perform automatic 3D modeling of point cloud data and various simulations such as thermal fluid, airflow, and structural analysis within 3D models.

By enhancing UI/UX and pursuing usability for users, we aim to minimize the hurdles for digital twins to be used in industries such as construction, urban development, transportation, and energy infrastructure.


Working at JAXA, a drone venture, and a satellite venture, Tajiri, the founder, deepened his knowledge of remote sensing technology and gained experience in business development. Through them, he was fascinated by point cloud data, 3D models, related technologies and their potential.
He decided to start a business to help solve the problems of the construction industry, as well as various social problems and economic development regardless of the industry.


Our company has three strengths: technical capabilities related to 3D data, business development capabilities, and value chains.
The first point is that we can implement cutting-edge technology in our own products through joint research on automatic modeling with the University of Tokyo and five engineers with doctoral degrees belonging to the research and development department (one of whom is an intern).
The second point is that we can develop products that meet on-site needs through alliances (business co-creation) with clients who have the right to determine specifications within the industry and large companies in the construction industry.

The third point is that in our value chain, 3D measurement and fluid simulation analysis functions are also made in-house, and through our own service provision, we acquire not only real user voices but also market needs and the latest trends as temporary information. I can do it.
We can use that information for product development and business development.

8-6, H1O Nihonbashi-kobunacho 709, Nihonbashi-kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


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