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The University of Tokyo
Hongo Campus
Information Technology Center Hodoyoshi-3 satellite
Around Hiroshima Bay
Takeda Building
Super cleanroom

Join UTokyo's Innovation Ecosystem

  • Number of startups related to The University of Tokyo

    310 +
  • Total Market

    15 billion yen (Approximately 15 billion USD)
  • UTokyo IPC Investees / Supported Startups

    20 +

Updated: Nov 2018

Keeping in touch

We will distribute information on the latest technology
, in addition to events and offers from UTokyo IPC.

    Our mission

    Our mission is on expanding
    the University of Tokyo's innovation ecosystem.
    We provide entrepreneur supports, corporate innovation supports and investment for startup in order to accelerate development
    of innovations from the ecosystem around the University of Tokyo and bring them toward all over the world.

    Meet our team

    with wide spectrum of business experiences such as investment, business consultation, entrepreneur, CFO and academia.

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      261 Entrepreneur Lab., South Clinical Research Bldg.
      Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

      TEL: +81 3 3830 0200 FAX: +81 3 3830 0183

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