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Diving into deep tech
= building your career.

DEEPTECH DIVE is a human resource platform operated by UTokyo IPC,
where users can receive offers from leading-edge technology startups affiliated with universities.

Looking for career changes, secondary jobs or internships at trusted startups?
Want to learn more about the field? This is the platform for you.


Technology startups and startup seeds, including companies that UTokyo IPC invests in and supports, can mutually connect with working individuals, students and researchers interested in technology startups.
People who are passionate about leading-edge technologies. People who want to see what it’s like working at a technology startup (as a full-time job, secondary job, internship, etc.). People who aspire to become company executives. People who want to learn about the latest university technology seeds. These are all people who use our platform.
DEEPTECH DIVE is free. Its purpose is to vitalize university-related startups and human resource interactions. Try it out!


  • Offers from startups
    Startup executives, chief officers and HR personnel will look at your profile and contact you directly with offers for career changes, secondary jobs, outsourcing work, internship positions, etc.
  • Trustworthy technology startups
    Companies registered on DEEPTECH DIVE are all startups connected to the University of Tokyo or other universities and have backgrounds that can be trusted.
  • All services, from registration to match-making, are free
    DEEPTECH DIVE is operated by UTokyo IPC as the first platform of its kind among university organizations in Japan. Since its purpose is to create opportunities for university-related startups to connect with distinguished talents, the platform does not charge either the corporations or individuals. Registration and use are all free.
  • Open to individuals looking for secondary jobs and internships
    Everyone has a different motivation for using DEEPTECH DIVE. By trying out short-term or part-time jobs, you can discover new aptitudes or get a sense of the companies or fields you are interested in while continuing your current career. Career change openings for full-time positions are, of course, also available.
  • Exclusive information
    Many of the job openings are not publicized and you can find fresh news that may be unavailable elsewhere. By using the platform, you can also be the first to know about technology seeds that may become a startup in the future.
  • For individuals aspiring to become company executives or chief officers
    Some of the startups registered on DEEPTECH DIVE were recently created and are looking for executives or chief officers. We have seen many individuals with no experience in technology fields leverage their management or project planning skills in startups.

Companies registered on DEEPTECH DIVE

More startups are registering every day

What users are saying

  • Student (20s, male)
    I consulted with UTokyo IPC and registered on DEEPTECH DIVE.Almost immediately, I received an offer from a startup, did an online interview and got accepted as an intern.We carefully discussed my preferred internship period and how I wanted to participate in advance.It would have been difficult finding this information elsewhere, so I’m grateful.I was able to gain experience in the deep tech field I wanted to explore.
  • Engineer (20s, male)
    In my fourth year working as an engineer at a manufacturing company that I joined as a new graduate, I began to think about my future career and registered on DEEPTECH DIVE.I received an offer and grew interested in startups.Currently, I have a secondary job contract with a startup.This allows me to feel secure as I prepare for a new career while continuing my full-time job.
  • Project planning (30s, male)
    I started thinking of making a career change before turning 30.Startups go through various stages, and the management of the one I received an offer from was already quite stable. Contrary to what I was expecting, it was an environment that I could feel secure working in, so I consulted with my family and decided to make a career change.I get to meet many people who are stimulating, and since a lot of matters are left to our discretion, I often make decisions on my own. This has allowed me to really feel that I have grown.
  • General affairs (40s, female)
    Since I was raising a child, I hadn’t worked full-time in a while. When I was considering returning to work, I learned about UTokyo IPC and that led to my employment.I hadn’t really thought about startups, but my broad knowledge of corporate organizations puts me in a unique position and I feel that my presence is appreciated.Being able to support the executives and employees of a business striving to achieve great social significance is very fulfilling.

How it works

  1. Fill in profile
  2. Receive information on startups
  3. Participate in a casual interview

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Looking for career changes, secondary jobs, internships or startup seeds? Register on DEEPTECH DIVE!

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